Sunday, April 27, 2008

Four Corners Monument

The Four Corners Monument marks the only place where you can stand in four states at the same time. It is operated as a Navajo Tribal Park and is a remote site, a little south of the San Juan River along US Route 160.The main attraction is to stand on the plate, or better yet get down in the push up position so you have a limb in each state.
The monument is nicely constructed, with a platform providing some elevation for picture taking. There is some interpretive information giving the history of the surveys in the area.

Surrounding the monument is an array of flagpoles, with every political entity represented. The surrounding terrain appears to be clay hills and some eroding rock with very little vegetation.

The other highlight is the Navajo Market. There are numerous booths and stands for the vendors to sell artwork, food, and souvenirs. Have a Navajo Taco, very tasty.

There was some reconstruction at the Four Corners Monument during the summer of 2010.


billco said...

Never been to Four Corners, but you blog makes me want to visit next time I'm out west.

Beautifil pictures.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Very cool post and blog!!!