Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Antelope House Overlook at Canyon de Chelly

The Antelope House Overlook is on the north rim of Canyon de Chelly, and overlooks the Del Muerto arm of the canyon system. From the parking lot it is a 0.25 mile walk to the several overlooks over mostly a sandstone trail.
The Antelope House name is from some antelope drawings made by a Navajo artist in the early 1800s. The inner canyon tours stop at Antelope House and some arts and crafts are usually on sale there. It is thought that construction at this site began around 700 AD and continued for 600 years, on and off. Gazing out across the canyon, there are views of the shear sandstone walls and the stream that runs along the bottom.

From the other viewpoint is the formation called the Navajo Fortress. This site is at the junction of Del Muerto and Black Rock Canyons and was used as a refuge from enemies until the 1860s. It is thought the Navajo had a system of ladders to allow them to reach and otherwise difficult location.

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