Thursday, January 20, 2011

Waterflow Rock Art

The Waterflow Rock Art site is unmarked and obscure on the north side of Highway 64, west of Farmington, New Mexico. There is a large outcrop of sandstone between mile post 37 and 38 across from the Big Rock Trading Post.

There is a driveway that provides enough space to pull over and look around. There is a slippery trail to the east and some panels visible across a fence to the west.

It’s not a very comfortable place to visit as the slippery trail is very close to the busy highway, but there are several panels that can be viewed without much effort. I didn’t go very far to the east but there are several figures to see, especially up high.

The panels to the west of the driveway are easy to view from a distance with binoculars. There is a fence and with a locked gate between the pullover place and the sandstone outcrop.

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