Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Salmon Ruins Trail

Salmon Ruins is on the site of the Salmon family homestead in Bloomfield in northwest New Mexico, and the site is named for them. Besides the Pueblo Ruins there are also the late 1800s ruins of the Salmon Homestead available for public viewing.The site was a Chaco Canyon outlying community on the north bank of the San Juan River. It was built in the late 1000s and had 150 rooms on a ground floor with more on second and third stories.
It is thought that this site was abandoned by the Chaco Canyon influenced Pueblo People and re-occupied by Mesa Verde influenced people. The evidence for this is some of the original rectangular rooms were modified into circular rooms.

The quarry for the sandstone blocks used here is thought to be about three miles north, while the timbers came from much further away.
The Tower Kiva was an important structure in Pueblo life at Salmon ruins. There is evidence of a fire that destroyed this large kiva during the second occupation, causing loss of life. It is also thought that there was a second ritual burning as part of a final abandonment.
There is also a great kiva located out in the central plaza that has many of the usual features such as a circular bench. a fire pit and ventilation shafts. This kiva has a chamber on the north thought to be used for storage.

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